Using a Robotic Device to Train Arm Position Sense


In this project, we investigate the use of a commercial upper-limb rehabilitation robotic platform (BURT, BarrettTechnology) in combination with a 3D computer task (Unity, Unity Technologies) to improve arm position sense.

Proprioception, the ability to sense body position and limb movements in space without visual feedback, is one of the key factors in controlling body movements and performing activities of daily living. However, this capability might be affected after neural injuries such as stroke. Robotic platforms can be used to monitor and promote arm movements and, therefore, can assist in developing rehabilitation protocols that aim to improve proprioception through repetitive reaching motions without vision. The objective of this project is to investigate if a robotic training protocol improves the end-position reaching proprioceptive sense in three-dimensional (3D) space.

Robotic Device to Train Arm Position Sense